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Discover which specific area of musical interest you want to follow through this enriching creative learning experience!



After participating in the first day of foundational courses, you get the opportunity to follow these great musicians and teachers down a path of discovery perfectly suited for your interests and talents! And by the final day everyone will get a chance to experience and have fun a live recording studio!

Writing Music


Steve Hopkins & Matt Combe & Jeremy Oliveria

One of the highest purposes of music in the Biblical worldview is to lead others in worship.  How do you prepare, spiritually, musically, how to work with a team and usher others into the ultimate worship and praise of God.  Seasoned experienced worship leaders  Steve Hopkins, Matt Combe and Jeremy Oliveria will direct this critical track for anyone wishing to be used in this musical capacity.



Zachary Sprunger

For those with basic skills in keyboard knowledge and notes, this workshop with  Zack Sprunger with expand your chording to include a great richness and diversity of sound.  His videos have taught thousands of people to

In this course, you will learn the basics of playing piano or keyboard with a chord based, rhythmic approach, similar to the way a guitarist plays their instrument. There will be a focus on playing piano in a worship environment, both as a soloist and with a band. Previous musical experience, especially on the piano, will allow students to get the most out of this course, but we'll be starting with the basics.

If you have your own keyboard and are able to bring it for the days of the workshop, please do. Otherwise keyboards will be provided for those without.

Man Playing Guitar


Michael Farley

Music theory. Don't be stuck to sheet music and written chords. Understand the fundamentals of the dynamic and systematic theory of great music and set your mind and fingers free. Michael Farley basic and/or intermediate guitar  And visit a recording studio in Ashland with engineer and producer Jim Abdo could do a session on preparing to record as well as the whole recording process

Dj on Stage


Jennifer Davis

This track with Jennifer Davis will focus on vocal technique and improving the quality and clarity of your singing voice.  Sessions will focus on aspects such as vocal function exercises, note patterns and single notes, designed to achieve a particular sound or to refine your ability in a particular part of your range, how to develop vocal stamina, song choice etc. for excelling your vocal performance and using your voice to the glory of God.

Sound Board


BrokenWorks Productions, LLC with Jim Abdo

During the four-day workshops, musicians from each track will have the opportunity to learn firsthand and experience the tools and process of recording in a professional recording studio. Join Jim Abdo at his own professional recording studio, BrokenWorks Productions, LLC, to walk through the musical process of recording and producing. Let this wonderful opportunity open your mind to all of the possibilities in your pursuit as a musician!