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and The Story Ashland


These musicians, each in their specific area of expertise, are dedicated to connecting with and teaching the students to provide a most wonderful and enlightening learning experience!

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Matt Combe


Music Director @ The Story

Matt Combe has been studying the affects music can have on the listener throughout his entire life. To him, music is a vehicle that carries words on its back. Through blues and folk he’s found ways to reveal truth to listeners through his meaningful lyrics and guitar. 
His music has an existentially thoughtful, intense, and bluesy quality. It has also been transported and influenced by his travels with missions trips and pure curiosity.  Matt will be teaching tracks on song composition, worship and vocal training.

Steve Hopkins

Worship Pastor @ Table Rock Fellowship

Steve is the music director at Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. He has been a guitar player since he was 12 years old. Before coming to TRF, Steve was the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Salem. Prior to that he was a pastor and one of the main worship leaders at Applegate Fellowship. He has written and produced two children’s musicals, “The Tale of a Donkey” and “The Tale of a Champion”, both published by ASAPH records. Steve has traveled with music legend Darrell Mansfield, and played with Roby Duke and singer songwriter Bob Bennett. Steve’s passion is to communicate his years of experience as a musician and a worship leader to the next generation of musicians, songwriters and worship leaders.

Zachary Sprunger

Worship leader/piano/keyboard instructor

Zach grew up thinking music all the time was just normal.  His father David Sprunger was a well loved worship leader, songwriter and launched the family business playpianonow.com.  Zach is now the manager of the family business, teaches piano/keyboard and guitar and draws from this exceptional curriculum to take basic chording transforming them into full rich augmented sounds in easy patterns and steps.

Jeremy Oliveria

Musician/Songwriter/Worship Leader @ Rogue Valley Fellowship

A musician, worship leader, and actor, Jeremy is passionate about integrating his creative gifts to be used as a vessel of the Holy Spirit and connect others to Jesus.  He  delivers with a bluesy acoustic folk sound, with warm captivating vocals. He records and produces artists through a ministry based record label called Eleos Records.  He has acted in and collaborated on several film projects and dramatic presentations.  Currently he is working at Rogue Valley Fellowship in Southern Oregon as a worship leader .

Michael Farley


Michael spent his youth playing guitar in bands, eventually touring the USA and parts of the world.   Michael's life revolves around music, the music industry, and music ministry. He owned and operated retail music stores, ran music schools, and taught guitar, banjo, and bass through the years. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Michael realized he had some creative genes, as in inventive entrepreneurial talents. He conceived and launched the world's first battery operated, clip-on musicians light, better known as The Mighty Bright Musician's Light, distributed worldwide.  He performs of the USA, in schools, colleges, churches, and in private homes.  His latest musical project is called: Jesus and Me, a work that incorporates original music, art, storytelling, and writing.  He is married and has four children with his wife Cathy.  www.michaelfarleymusic.com

Jennifer Davis


Jennifer Davis is a performer and vocalist with a vivacious and contagious energy and vocal presence.   With extensive theater and performance and teaching experience she will be leading the vocal track at Ascend 2019, helping young vocalists expand their capacities and target areas of vocal challenge, emerging with new tools to enhance the power and presence of voice.

Jim Abdo

BrokenWorks Productions, LLC

Jim and his wife, Diane, own and operate BrokenWorks Productions, a professional recording studio in Ashland, Oregon. Jim is a music producer, recording engineer, composer, and musician. BrokenWorks Productions' 1,100 sq. ft. facility was designed by Chris Pelonis (www.PelonisSound.com). Custom-built for live audio and video production, this well-equipped studio features a large live room and two isolation booths, with high ceilings and natural light.